Business Wealth Protection Jinnie from Africa call 27640294025
Posted on Mar 9, 2018
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Business Wealth Protection
Asia, India
Madda Ramma
This unique jinnie Spirit specializes to assist its master to increase business growth and also protect existing assets and business premises. The Genie Spirit will guard its owner’s wealth from thieves, deceptive individuals and those individuals with evil intent. The jinnie protects from fraud and natural disasters, which may hamper business growth or destabilize the business in any form, which affects the livelihood of its master. These protective powers are strong and highly suitable for anyone who is operating a business, office, shop, restaurant or factory, as it protects from all sorts of disasters, both physical and magical. · Protection of one space, home or business premises · Protection of other space, such as office, factory, apartment or buildings · Increases prosperity and wealth for business · Protects your home from fire and natural or accidental disasters · Assists in attracting clients/sales for business
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